Thursday, August 9, 2012

Link Roundup!

So I have a knack for finding great websites. I often e-mail friends with long lists of links pertaining to whatever they need help with at the time. Whether it be examples for a living room design, or how to decorate for a birthday party, I can find what they had difficulty finding. So I thought it would be great to share all these lovely links here, so I can send them here from now on. So every week I will pick a topic and list my favourites links.
I wanted to start with awesome craft blogs. These are the places I go when I want some inspiration. They always have great instructions, and modern looking crafts. Hope you find some inspiration as well!

I go to this blog everyday. She shares paper crafts, origami, cute sewing projects, and free printables, all with a modern slightly retro aesthetic.

She does it all, whether it is items for your home or crafts for teenage girls at summer camp, this is the first blog I found with crafts explained in such a way that they seemed easy.

This is the craft blog for the fashionista, or in my case the wannabe fashionista. Every craft is based on a current trend, and broken down into materials needed, and the steps needed to make a project based on the trend, all in a cute graphic! This blogger is currently a judge on the new show Craft Wars, on TLC.

This site is a great collection of craft tutorials from around the web all made with material bought from dollar stores! I am cheap, and I love Dollarama, so I am always checking this site for ideas.

This is another collection of craft tutorials from around the web. They cover everything from knitting, painting, papercrafts, sewing, you name it they have an example. They find the best every day.

This is like a large Pinterest board of crafts. It is quite similar to Craft Gossip, except that it is more visual, and using their handy navigation tools you can specify what category of crafts you are interested in seeing. I find that most of the crafts are more modern as well.

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