Monday, August 13, 2012

I love...

Peacock Feathers!

Every week on Monday I will be posting items that I am currently obsessing over, coveting, general prettyness!

I decided my first post should be on Peacock feathers as it was Janmashthami last week, and peacock feathers are often associated with Krishna. I have always loved peacock feathers, and remember clearly the traditional indian peacock feather fans my parents had displayed in their bedroom. Now I love the modern uses of peacock feathers in both home and accessory designs. I was so thrilled when it became a trend, and was popping up everywhere. I hope this trend lasts awhile!

1. Thomas Paul peacock rug - I wish he would bring this rug back
2. Rachana Reddy clutch - hand made beautifulness
3. Don't know who designed these shoes, but I love them
4. Modcloth dress, the perfect empire cut
5. D.L Rhein embroidered pillow- the feather looks so real

To see more of my peacock obsession check out my Pinterest:

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