Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Artists Who Inspire

So my many years of reading blogs have introduced me to some amazing artists. I plan on featuring one here every week. Art can bring up different emotions, happy, sad, nostalgic. The first artist I am featuring I feel a certain connection to, because like me, she is Bengali, and like me she lives outside of India. She lives in one of my favourite countries, Switzerland. We also seem to have some of the same favourite things like the lotus flower, peacocks, elephants, paisleys and of course India.

I'd like to introduce you to the amazing Dithi:

Her most recent painting made me gasp, the beauty of the sun setting, reflecting on the river, and the wind blowing in the woman's hair, it just made me feel instantly like I was back in Kolkata. 

She truly is an inspiration, as she followed her passion and created a career out of doing what she loves.

Please check out her beautiful blog, where she showcases her art as well as her photography.

And to buy her original art, or prints, please go to her Etsy shop.

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