Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Crafty Tuesdays

Today's craft was another fun item I made for my friends daughter, a rainbow piñata!
I would have never attempted this if it wasn't for the wonderful blot Oh Happy Day.
If you need simple party ideas, great printables, or dream of living in Paris like me, you will love this blog!

Her amazing tutorial on how to make a piñata can be found here:

The only thing I can add to this tutorial is that, if you don't have easy access to crepe paper sheets I was able to use regular crepe streamers folded in half lengthwise, which worked fine. There is crepe paper sheets at my local Dollarama, but not in all the colours I needed. Also I highly recommend doing this in front of the tv, all the steps are easy, it just takes awhile.

Here are my results, a bit "shabby chic"...lol...but it did the job:

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