Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I love...


I don't what it is about elephants, but I have always loved them. It could be the many wooden and marble figures, my parents had from India. Or it could be their kind eyes. They are considered good luck in many countries. This is an obsession for life!

Luckily I am not the only person who loves elephants!

1. Fred Flare enamel elephant necklace - love the golden details.
2. Red Ruby Rose - love these handmade clutches from the UK, what a quirky print!
3. Target - I am so excited this store is coming to Canada, love this modern pillow.
4. This simple Thomas Paul wooden box would be great in my office.
5. Love Johnathan Adler, and especially love this lamp with a bit of trunk peeking out.

To see more of my elephant obsession check out my Pinterest:


  1. I'm loving the lamp!!!!

    1. I know maybe if we both put money into it we can afford it...lol...you have it for one half of the year me the other.



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