Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Craft Show Re-cap - Handmade Harvest

So it's been a productive and busy season so far, filled with craft shows and fun. I meet so many amazing artisans at these shows that I thought I should feature some of my favourites from each show.

The first show of the season was Handmade Harvest, which is held in Almonte. This is the third one we have participated in, and it is always an amazing show. I always wish I had known about it sooner, so I could have been one of the lucky attendees who gets the amazing swag bag handed out to the first 50 visitors.

Mouse & Owl creates beautiful hand printed linens and accessories. Her prints are nature inspired, simple, and she prints using only natural dyes. I love simple and minimal and that's why  my eyes are always drawn to her prints. I was so excited to see her items in person at the show and was surprised to find out that she also makes beautiful mobiles made from recycled materials. I'm obsessed with elephants, so I was very tempted to buy the cutest elephant mobile I have ever seen.
Versatile is an amazing local company that has completely taken off, definitely an inspiration to us. They make beautiful marble coasters, printed with their own designs or a custom design commissioned by a customer. They also recently opened a second company called WoodPosters where photographs can be printed on wood panels. Both options make such great gifts.

Strut Jewelry often does the same shows as Chobhi, so I have been admiring her creations for a long time. Alyssa's jewelry designs are very bohemian and and nature inspired, and most importantly colourful. which means I already own quite few of her pieces. No matter how often I see her she always has new designs and she is constantly evolving her style.
Urbanite Jewelry has one of the coolest concepts for a jewellery collection ever. Each piece is inspired by a city, and is packaged with a polaroid of the city. They are simple designs, often geometric or nature inspired, but they evoke the city they represent. What is also great is often the designs come in both silver and gold. When I saw the earrings for New Delhi I had to buy them, and they have become one of my favourites because it goes with everything I wear. Krista not only owns this wonderful company but she is also the organizer of the Urban Craft Market, which I will be recapping later this week.

Friday, August 1, 2014

More puppies

I can't resist sharing another post of puppy pictures, because they are just too adorable.
The farm was a beautiful setting with a large field of blooming buckwheat, and the puppies were having a great time exploring. Eventually they all got tuckered out and fell asleep under an old pickup truck.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Puppies, puppies, everywhere!

I had the most amazing opportunity to visit 17 seven week old puppies! I don't know about you, but I have always had this dream of lying on the ground and being surrounded by puppies. I lived my dream, and it was great! Of course I had to do a photoshoot with our lovely scarves and the puppies because cuteness always has to be documented!

Hope you enjoy these adorable shots!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

June Shows!

This weekend was a busy one for Chobhi!! We had two fabulous shows in downtown Ottawa and a fabulous response! Check out our booth and scarf images from the Maker's Market by Shopify and The Music & Art Expo. Hope to see you at our next shows:

Thursday, June 5, 2014

June Desktop Wallpaper Calendar

Wow what an amazing month May has been. Mother's Day, Craft shows, and a trip to New York City. June promises to be just as busy! We are participating in 3 different shows this month, 2 of which are happening this weekend. You can always find details on shows Chobhi will be participating on our website at this link:

I didn't have time to design this months Desktop Wallpaper Calendar till yesterday. June always makes me think of dandelions, because my yard is covered in them. June also makes me think of bugs, and as much as I don't like bugs, I have to admit they can be beautiful, with their iridescent colouring. Hope you enjoy this months wallpaper which combines two under appreciated natural beauties.

1600 x 1200

1920 x 1080


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