Thursday, December 20, 2012

Back to crafting!

So for the first time in months I had time to make some jewellery. It's been so long, and I could feel the itch to make something with my own hands. I also decided this blog was due for another tutorial.

    (Click to enlarge)
  1. Jewelery Findings: Large loop chain so the necklace has an adjustable length, 6 jump rings, 2 crimp beads, 2 decorative links, and 1 lobster clasp.
  2. Chunky flat beads, I got these from a broken necklace.
  3. Basic jewellery pliers, and a wire cutter
  4. Chain (two pieces of equal length)
  5. Beading wire

So I got all my supplies at my local Michaels, except for the beads. I really liked the water colour effect of the beads, and wanted to highlight them by grouping them together. You will require some basic jewellery skills and tools. For some great visual lessons go here to My Girlish Whims Jewellery Lessons.

The steps are pretty easy:
  • String the beads onto the beading wire, loop and crimp both ends, similar to this technique:
    How to use Crimp Beads
  • Use jump rings to link the beading wire to the decorative links and then link them to the chains using this technique:
  • Optional: Add large loop chain with jump ring, to make necklace adjustable
  • Add lobster clasp to other end of chain with jump ring, and then you are all done!

Hope you enjoy this! If you want tutorials on any specific techniques, let me know and I'll be happy to do a posting!



  1. Thanks so much Sundeep! Glad you like it! It felt so good to make something after so long!



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