Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Indian Design and Art Links

So I'm finding the world of blog design intriguing! The last week has been spent researching how to customize almost everything. For someone who is completely HTML clueless, its been interesting to say the least. I plan on implementing what I have learned soon. Subtle changes that I hope will make the design even more 'me'!

I'm also finding that my computer is essentially dying. It can't handle all my photos, and photoshop, and highspeed internet. So this year for the holidays, I'm getting a new one.

So for now the photo posts have to be delayed until I can figure out a faster way.

In the meantime I though it was about time to share all these wonderful sites that I somehow find.

I'm in a artsy design mood, with an indian flair.

Growing up as a first generation Indian in Canada, my eye gets attracted to anything that can connect me to my parents culture. I can't help it. At first it was because of the rarity, but now as more and more things are influenced by indian esthetics and culture, it's more of a pride issue. I feel proud when I realize that my culture has influence all over the world, and that people like it so much it keeps popping up everywhere.

I love bringing those items into my everyday life! I love nothing more than the contrast of modern, contemporary interiors with embellished, antique, or folk indian accessories.

One of the first blogs that I ever found on Indian interior design is An Indian Summer.
Bhavna collects some of the best images and artifacts I have ever seen. It's a great place for inspiration.

Another amazing site is Rang Decor, the products and interiors that are featured here often make me wish I lived in India.

So that's why I was so thrilled when I found Designwali, not only is it all about Indian interior design, but it's based in Canada!

When it comes to featuring Indian product designs, from fashion to furniture, no blog does it better than Indian by Design. I especially love the features on Indian industrial design, everyday object made special.

Masala Chai features artists, jewellery designers, photographers, fashion, and interior designers. It's one of the oldest websites focused on indian design, and you can spend a nice rainy afternoon going through all the old posts.

I love Indian art, and I love browsing pictures from indian art galleries to dream about what I would buy if I could afford it. I found this great site, Indian Art Collectors, that lists all the websites of Indian art galleries, including Kala Fine Art, a gallery in Chicago that specialize only in Indian art. I hope to go there some day soon!

I hope you enjoyed this collection of links! I'll be sharing more in the weeks to come.

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