Friday, August 29, 2014

Craft Show Re-cap - Glamour in the Glebe

A brand new event for us, Glamour in the Glebe, used to exclusively showcase handmade jewellery, but was opened up this year for other accessory designers. We were thrilled to be a part of the show which included an Opening Night Gala where volunteers modelled one or two pieces by each designer. I discovered some amazing new artists here that I have never seen before.

The Lady Smith's table was right next to mine, and from the moment she started displaying her pieces I was in love. Each element of her jewellery is lovingly handmade. For certain special pieces she hand etches designs onto metal, making it one of a kind. There was an etched cloud with a stone raindrop pendant, that I didn't get a chance to photograph before it was sold. I was a bit obsessed with that piece, and it's definitely on my "must have" list.

Tangente, my new favourite clothing designer. She makes classic pieces of clothing, clothing that you can easily wear to work, or dress up for a night out. Best of all is that the fabrics used for these pieces are all sustainable and incredibly soft bamboo/rayon jerseys or organic cottons. I purchased one of her best selling designs the Wraparound Cardigan Sweater, an ingenious cardigan that can be worn 3 different ways (or more depending on your own creativity) and comes in about 10 different colours. On the second day of the show there was at least 5 different vendors wearing this cardigan, it was that popular.

Wildtree makes nature inspired jewellery designs, so of course I love them. I especially like her incorporation of hand stamped ceramic elements, and the use of copper instead of the typical gold and silver. The cobalt blue earrings on the right were particularly eye catching, as those two colours are just meant to be together.

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