Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I love...


Sorry for disappearing suddenly! A combination of a new job, and getting ill required me to take some time off the blog, and figure out how to balance everything. Given that this is a midnight post, I still haven't quite figured it out...lol....but I still feel the passion, so I shall persevere.

Now back to the subject at hand, ikat, geometric, tribal, graphic, modern and ancient at the same time, I just love ikat. I've seen these designs since I was a child on my mother's saris, and am now loving it's use on clothes, accessories, and household items. I don't own anything with ikat yet, but it will happen.

1. Koko Company - Cotton ikat pillow
2. DKNY - ikat and polka dots! What more could I want?
3. I have no idea who makes this shoe, but I love it!
4. I regret not buying this Matt & Nat purse, love the colour combo and it raised money for charity.
5. I am a fan of plain white plates, but there is something bold about this set from Littlewoods
6. A versatile bangle from Cwonder, which is hinged, a feature my wide hands appreciate.

To see more of my ikat obsession check out my Pinterest:

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